​​​​​  ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Find out how great it feels to experience confidence and     to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are worthy and more than good enough. Let's get past the "Stuff" that is holding you back, so you can live the life that you envision for your future. 

     Are you Holding on to Anger and

Resentment? Do you experience feelings      of Anxiety and Stress in your day?

Let's look at the "part" of you that holds you back. Then we can better assist and understand the other "part" of you that already knows what to do. Let's get all the "Parts" of you, working for your best interest.   With all of your unique facets working together, you will honor your body,  set goals you can manage and enjoy a new way of being.                                  

Julie Pellegrino Hypnotherapy


This is my last one!          

"Intuitive Way" Hypnosis For Women

Change Your Life

Spiritually speaking.......​

Not losing the Weight?


Achieve your Goals!

There can be times in every ones life when we feel like we're doing "it" alone. What am I here for anyway. Type your paragraph here.

​​​​​​​Honor Your Heart

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist,

                   Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,                     Conversational Hypnotherapy/Intuitive Life Coach 

  You've tried just about everything, and you think to yourself, "Other people can do it. Why can't I?" It may be because you haven't tried Hypnotherapy. When you attempt to quit on your own, your "Critical Mind" keeps pounding into your head, "You can't do it."  "You don't have what it takes." etc, etc. You've heard it all before. 

  Don't believe a word of it. Take charge instead. Hypnotherapy can get you there. Call me to experience, "The Shift".

  During your Hypnotherapy session, you are able to openly communicate with the other part of you that CAN quit. So in exploring what hasn't worked; you and I will effectively be directing you toward a new way of being. Take charge of your own mind and body. Experience the positive change you desire.

​​​  ​​​​Often it can seem like something is missing in our lives. One might say,"I have it all." yet they are sure they are missing something meaningful.           Well, there is more. Some call it Spirit, some say God, Christ or Universal Energy. Others experience this presence through nature or through an innocent child's smile.  Perhaps it's too awesome to be limited by a name.

   Open your heart as we delve deeper within and contemplate the possibilities without judgement.

Increase your Self-Esteem.

Stressful times in one's life can really get in the way of a good night's sleep. It makes functioning in a busy world seem daunting. Find out how you can use your own positive suggestions combined with Hypnosis to sleep like a baby. ZZZZZZ

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​    Would you like to experience passion in your life?

To live in a state of love, not only for others, but first and foremost, for yourself! 

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​​​​​There comes a time to move on. 

Experience Peace and be Joyful.

      ​​​​​​​The memories keep us in touch with the past,               and yet you are here to experience the present.                     Move forward with out hesitation.                                   Look forward to each new day.


  Where do you carry these self defeating feelings? That twinge in your stomach or the ache in your heart.  Is anxiety eating away at the person you want to be.

  Does this sound familiar?  "Sometimes it feels like I can't get a grip!"  "I'm so angry and I can't let it go." "I feel like a pressure cooker." "There's never time for me!"  "I can't accept that things are different now."  

 Find out why you are storing tension and angst.  How did you get to this place in your life?  Let's get to the heart of it, so that you can glide through your day, calm and at peace in any setting.