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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I have been an intuitive and empathic person all my life. It was simply second nature for me to feel the emotions and underlying suffering in others. As a child I couldn’t bear to see any person or animal unhappy or mistreated in any way. That, I’m sure, is a quality that most of us already have and yet, I actually felt their suffering to the extent that I would take in their energy and their emotions. Believe me, that’s not a good place to be. If I could assist the unfortunate person, I’d get in the middle of really sticky situations and be the shield or the go between. It would take me hours to shake off this person’s inner pain and fear. I never considered whether or not I was in danger- it was a reflex, plain and simple- to tend to others emotional needs. Even if a seemingly cruel or shut off person was acting out in anger or cruelty, I felt their underlying feelings of pain, fear, abandonment and worthlessness that the abuser was subconscious-ly suppressing. Usually because of the way they were mistreated or abused early in their childhood. The pattern repeated. Somehow, I felt all of their sadness and shame. This was my life up to the age of 50.  Now, we’ll skip a few years to move ahead to the point of all this."

"These days, life for me has become an experience of balancing and harnessing my intuitive ability. I now have a more refined inner sensor in place.  I’m able to tap into my intuition when I feel it is beneficial for my clients and I, to receive the natural guidance that is available to us.

This planet and it’s inhabitants are simply marvelous and fascinating. A spirit filled group of beings, interconnecting in every way. All sharing the very air we breathe."  

 "My intention Is still the same. I have always been here to support.       The difference is- now I have the skills and the tools to do what I naturally came here to do. Through Hypnosis and Coaching, I am able to effectively help facilitate positive change in others. Tending to hearts is my career. Watching my clients walk out of my office inspired, motivated and ready to succeed with the necessary tools, is my dream come true."    

With much devotion,

 Julie Pellegrino    

About Julie Pellegrino

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​​​Over the rainbow is closer than you think !!​​

​​​​​​Julie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Life Coach.  

​With over 500 hours of training, Julie received her diploma's from the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, which at the time of her certification was and may still be the only state licensed school of Hypnotherapy in Florida.  Julie uses several methods for powerful transformation such as Regression Therapy, combined with Gestault techniques, Parts Therapy, and Eye movement therapy combined with Intuitive Life Coaching.

Prior to her career in Hypnotherapy, Julie was a commercial and residential mural artist in Jacksonville, Florida for 14 years. Painting a 130 ft mural for Wolfson's Children's Hospital and another for The Jewish Community Alliance were two of her favorites.  She is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Presently, when Julie is not assisting clients through her Hypnotherapy services, she practices maintaining a "focused center," by creating sculptures which are primarily of things found in nature. She creates much of her work through "Stream of Consciousness Art Creation." (A process developed by Julie). This technique is done by letting your mind grow quiet and clear. Once at that point, she creates for a final result without intention. In this way, it brings her back home to spirit, and the creations are beyond her normal expectations.  A true testament to trusting Spirit!  She will be facilitating "Stream of Consciousness" art sessions at her studio in the near future.    

       The Hypnotherapy Office and Intuitive Coaching Center                           is comfortable and private.

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