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​If something is important to you- you'll make it happen.   If not- you'll make excuses.

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I am joyful and eternal!

For a moment, if you are feeling a negative judgement towards a person you may not even know, catch it before it has time to fester and try a little "tenderness". You might either send them spiritual love, throw them a sincere smile or maybe feel a little empathy and acknowledge them as being another "Air Breather" just like you. It may just make someone's day, and you may notice how much better you feel inside. You see, whether it is an obvious connection or not- is irrelevant. The connection is actually experienced by the both of you subconsciously.

Each and every moment that you lighten up on yourself and others, is a moment shared and multiplied right through the air. Sending a wave of "Good Will" to all.  If we all practiced sharing tenderness, then the "stuff" of this world would be "all good".our paragraph here.


Did you know that in reality, only you can determine your own value?           Think about it this way. Do you think that maybe you spend too much time   wondering what others think of you?  Is that how you place value on           yourself? In reality, probably not many people have the time or the energy   to devote to assessing your qualifications for being a superior or inferior       human being. If they say they do, then it's only a very superficial look at     you- practically in the moment. When someone passes judgement on you,   it's usually in two types of ways. It can either be due to the fact that they   themselves can then easily categorize you as either a person that benefits   their existence or, you are just a bump in their road to success. Quick and   easy. On to the next person.  

The other way people size someone up, is that you may mirror them in       some way. They can either feel good or bad about those similarities.

For whatever attribute you seemingly may or may not possess either           physically or mentally- it just makes them feel one way or the other about   themselves!  It actually has nothing to do with your reality. Phew! What a   relief. You choose your own value.


 Being like all the rest, is not  a blessing. You, and all that  you are, is the blessing.              In Spirit's eyes, you came here  perfect, whole and complete. Be  yourself - like no one else can.   There in, lies the secret!

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